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Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector

Adaptiv TPX Radar DetectorThanks to a complete electronics overhaul, the TPX™ Version 2.0 now has blistering performance! Independent tests prove that the TPX™ 2.0 now ranks among the top performing detectors on the market. Along with this leap in performance, Version 2.0 also includes better false-alert-reduction logic, additional band lockout modes, and a more robust and versatile cable connection.

With the TPX™ System, there’s no more trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. No more missed alerts. No more hours of wiring jobs. No more fear of rain. No more fear of theft. No more microscopic buttons. No more money, energy, sanity and precious riding hours wasted trying to make automotive radar detectors work with your bike. The all new TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System 2.0 has all the features you need with proven, top-notch performance.

The TPX™ System can be used on any motorcycle. It comes with a Quick-Release Mount Plate, which attaches to virtually any mount out there. Of course, we recommend using AdaptivMounts™. Got a tinted windscreen? No worries. The TPX™ System will still sniff out radar and laser signals through them, even if they are heavily tinted. Got a sound system on your bike already? The TPX™ System features an auxiliary output port allowing you to hook it up to whatever sound system you’ve got. Heck, you can even run a wired headphone to it if you so choose to be tethered to your bike.

A lot! The TPX™’s water resistant construction means that you don’t have to worry about shielding it from the rain. The System comes with a heavy duty Wiring Harness that easily connects to your bike’s power source, making installation a breeze. Large buttons are designed so that you can operate it with riding gloves. Its top-positioned, angled, backlit LCD allows you to actually see the display from your riding position, day or night. Vibration and shock resistant design ensures that it’ll last on your bike. It is portable so you can take it with you on your lunch stop and don’t have to worry about theft. It also means that you can use it on multiple bikes, and even your car (if you have one of those four-wheeled things).

All these features are great for motorcycle use, but does it really work? You bet! The TPX™ System detects ALL police radar and laser bands. But don’t take our word for it. The System is certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc., the leading independent evaluator of radar detectors in the market today. The TPX™ had to go through a rigorous performance evaluation in order to earn this prestigious certification. A more important measure of the TPX’s™ success though is our thousands of happy (and ticket-free) customers. Just search your favorite motorcycle forums and you’ll see how much people love the TPX™ System








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