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S-Cargo Strap

"The world's best tie down system"


The S-Cargo Strap is the first ever tie down to be a fully engineered, self-contained strap system that addresses the issues of: Storage, Damage Protection, and Safety.


1. Storage – The S-Cargo Strap provides a clean and simple solution for storing all your tie downs. The S-Cargo Strap pouch has enough room inside to easily contain the entire strap leaving only a single hook outside of the pouch to help organize your tie downs.

2. Protects Bike from Damage – The S-Cargo Strap has a padded pouch that fully contains the cam-locking device reducing the chance of damage from the tie down mechanism. The pouch also has room for any extra strap material in order to avoid damage from air-whipped straps.

3. Safety – By housing any extra strap material inside the pouch, the S-Cargo Strap provides a measure of safety as it avoids the risk of extra strap material becoming entangled in motorcycle wheels, motorcycle chains, or trailer wheels.

4. No More Tangled Mess – The S-Cargo Strap is a fully self-contained tie down system that will not get tangled with other tie downs when not in use. When is use, S-Cargo Strap does not need numerous half-hitch knots to avoid tangling, simply place the excess strap material inside the pouch.

5. Strength – The S-Cargo Strap assembly has a 1300 lbs breaking strength. The represents one of the strongest tie downs available on the market today.

s-cargo strap6. Coated Hooks – The S-Cargo Strap uses heavy duty, fully coated hooks that eliminate the chance of scratches or other damage to your bike and cargo.

7. Built-in Soft Loop - The S-Cargo Strap is available with a built-in soft loop that provides the ultimate protection for anchoring your bike.

8. Resistant to Elements – The S-Cargo Strap is made of 100% heavy-duty nylon strapping material making it impervious to the elements. The S-Cargo Strap pouch is made from neoprene that is also an element-resistant material.

9. Ventilated Pouch – The S-Cargo Strap pouch is constructed of perforated neoprene that allows air to circulate. This means you don't have to wait until your straps dry to properly organize them.


What makes the S-Cargo Strap different than all the products that we have been using for decades?

There are three main problems with standard S-hook straps.

Storage - Unless you have a spot to hang all the straps when not in use, they usually end up in a milk crate, box, or bag, or maybe tossed behind the seat in your truck. When you reach in for one strap, of course you get all of them, tangled into a spaghetti-like mass.

Loose Strap End - Another constant problem is what to do with the loose end of the strap after you have tied down the load. One favorite technique is the to wrap the loose end around the tight strap and tie it off, just to have it come loose later.

Damage - Whether it is a motorcycle, canoe, kayak, bicycle or other item, there is a risk of the load being damaged by the buckle and loose strap.  When you are attaching the top S-hook, the buckle is often free to swing around and can easily cause damage when it hits that nice paint job.  It can also rub against the load when you are driving and cause damage.  Damage can also occur when the loose end of the strap is flailing away at your precious cargo.

S-Cargo Strap Solution

The S-Cargo Strap is fabricated using very high-quality Materials. The webbing has a break strength of over 4500 lbs. The hooks are custom designed for this application, covered with a vinyl coating and are exceptionally strong. The buckle is made of stamped steel, not cast like some other straps

The heart of the S-Cargo Strap is a neoprene pouch that surrounds the buckle. For storage, the pouch contains the buckle, the lower hook and all the webbing - no more tangled straps in the bag or milk crate. In use, the zippered neoprene pouch protects your equipment from being damaged by the buckle both during the tie-down process and while transporting.
After cinching the load tight, the loose end of the strap stores safely inside the zippered pouch. No more loose straps, flapping in the breeze and whacking against your valuable equipment.

s-cargo-pouch-onlyThe S-Cargo Strap Pouch is the heart of the tie down system. The pouch attaches to a standard 1" tie-down strap without tools in 30 seconds. Once in place, the pouch allows for easy, tangle-free storage. In use, the pouch protects your valuable cargo from damage by the buckle and the loose end of the strap. The strap is stored back inside the pouch when you are on the road.

The pouch is fabricated from ventilated neoprene. The ventilation allows the straps to dry should they get wet. The neoprene serves to pad the buckle minimizing the possibility of damage when hauling or tying down your load. A heavy-duty commercial zipper is used to close the pouch.

Heavy Duty S-Cargo Strap

The Heavy Duty strap is designed to handle large and heavy loads.  The strap assembly has a 1300 lbs breaking strength. Although we wouldn't recommend it, you could lift most light trucks with one of these straps attached at each corner! (Don't try this at home!)

The Heavy Duty Strap has larger and stronger hooks than the Standard Duty strap. The hooks are coated to protect your cargo and are made from hardened steel for strength. The 1"cam buckle is durable and extremely strong.

Heavy Duty S-Cargo Strap with Pouch

s-cargo pouch and straps

Combine both the Pouch and Heavy-Duty S-Cargo Strap products for a fantastic tie down solution.


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