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By registering for the monthly LEGAL SPEEDING sweepstakes you become eligible for the current month as well as all future LEGAL SPEEDING sweepstakes drawings. No need to register each month. Multiple registrations WILL NOT increase your chance of winning for we only keep one name per household. You will also receive a monthly or at least a quarterly newsletter that we promise will contain pertinent information for today's motorcyclist. This information might be updates to our events calendar, a surprise extra drawing for gifts, deals on other vendors' products that we have negotiated for our registered audience, tips about riding, etc. So you get the picture. We DO NOT sell or circulate our lists. You will only receive information from LEGAL SPEEDING. There will always be an 'opt out' option with all group messages sent to you. Please note that if you 'opt out' of the group messages you will no longer be eligible for the monthly drawings.